Who Are We?

Hi my name is Luis and I was born in Jesus Maria (Lima, Peru) but my family is from a pier name Callao. At 9 years old, we made the move to San Francisco, California. In my house we never miss the authentic peruvian seasoning because my mom will cook everyday just as we were still in Peru, but I still felt as I was missing something. I got used to watching TV in English but what really bothered me was that when we would go out we could not find any stores that offered any Peruvian products; Jerseys of my favorite players, hats or any items that I could wear and feel proud of being Peruvian, because I always keep my country close to me.  

Now 20 years have passed! and it's still not easy to find a place like this.

Now that I am a father, I will love for my son to have items at his disposal and not to have to settle for jerseys of other nations but to be able to wear the Peruvian colors very proudly. This is what drove me to create this online store. To make available products that can help many Peruvians continue to pass on traditions to their kids and their families, now that we have products for men, women and children. Arriba el Perú!